The Apple

The apple of my eye doesn’t fall far from the tree, except that sometimes it does. I have a kid – a couple of them, actually.  Kid1 was chomping at the bit to get a driver license. Kid1 wanted an Aston for the longest time, because of some mormon vampire chastity book. [Ed.:  Twilight] Kid1 […]

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You might be a dumbass if…

you drive a ’94 Kia Sephia.  I drove a pre-production one at a focus group event.  It was my “prize” for owning a Geo.  The identity of the Sephia was easy enough to deduce once I looked at the tape one the steering wheel.  K-I-A is a pretty recognizable silhouette, people.  (Not the cool kind […]

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How to tell you are pussywhipped

you drive a minivan.  Extra pw points because it’s a sensible budget KIA “SLOW DOWN baby on board” sticker. “I <4 my wife” sticker Grocery store parking lot This is the automotive equivalent of a lion fish suit.  Everything about it says “stay away chicas.  I am not on the market.”  Not being on the […]

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