Kiss Mostly – But Not Entirely – Play Nice During Rock Hall Induction Speeches. Thanks for showing up, but fuck you all in the mouth for not finding a way to perform, make up or not.

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It’s About Time

As we all know, KISS is finally being inducted into the hall of fame.  And yes, they’re doing it on drama overload – invite all the past members, no performance because they’re all babies.  All that shit that is all over the media. Last night I was listening to “Calling Dr. Love,” a tone poem of tribute to […]

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It is time

Even the Rolling Stones agree: Readers’ Poll: 10 Bands Who Should Enter the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014 Pictures – 3. Kiss | Rolling Stone. 3. Kiss Kiss have repeatedly called the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame a “sham,” but it’s hard to imagine they wouldn’t show up if they were inducted. […]

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What did we learn?

Vince Neil doesn’t need lyrics

Mötley Crüe Setlist:
Saints of Los Angeles – great choice if only they remembered the words or the music
Wild Side – OK
Shout at the Devil – OK
Same Old Situation – Yay!
Sex – Yawn. Product placement for the new album
Don’t Go Away Mad Just Go Away – Yay!
Home Sweet Home – Yay!
Drum Solo – yawn
Livewire – yawn
Primal Scream – yawn
Dr. Feelgood – Yay!
Girls, Girls, Girls – Yay!
Kickstart My Heart – Yay! Read More

the Tour, the Tour, the Tour

The Crue The KISS This musical contrast kinda sums it up, but let’s look at a couple more things: KISS Crue Power Ballad? Invented it Yeah, but “Home Sweet Home” kicks “Beth”‘s ass Look like French Hookers? And beyond, to Geishas, and back again The whole 1980s.  Moved on to ex-methhead Junkies and drunks Fired […]

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Kiss performs in Phoenix

The demon
didn’t i see you wandering around a park somewhere?

Kiss performs in Phoenix.

With The Academy Is, Heartbeak Hangover and “The Envy” (“Penis” is silent) Read More


What the hell were you thinking, teaming up with Adam “shoulder pad wing things” Lambert? Does this mean the rumors about Paul Stanley are true after all? Or does it mean that the disco-dreck “I was made for loving you” was just the first of many completely whorish sell outs for $?

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