In our previous episode, the response to a motion pertaining to a question of Turkish law and procedure had all the information about Turkish law and procedure removed as “irrelevant.”  Now it’s just bare bones facts: married/divorce/no judgment in Turkey, as requested. Moe: Wait.  This paragraph is too short. Me:  It says everything you wanted. […]

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How to be a lawyer

An occasional series of rants. When a partner gives you a motion and tells you to raise x, y and z defenses in the response, spend all your time forcing those defenses to fit the facts.  Even if they don’t. Don’t waste your time trying to understand the arguments on the other side or analyzing […]

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20 years ago (this July), a former classmate got dead at the hands of a gunman shooting up an office. He was learning the ropes on how to help people solve their problems.  It’s supposed to be a good thing. I finished my schooling and went off into the white-collar world. One of the first […]

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12 Angry Men

Jury duty calls.  DUI, where the guy was not driving.  We call that “in actual physical control.”  However, in actual physical control means anything from getting a drunken blowjob sleeping in the car with keys in your pocket to sitting in your living room with a buzz after you drove a car (regardless of when […]

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Only in my dreams…

Do I see my old boss, Jonathan J. Shithead, step off a building tens os stories off the ground. I watch him fall, waiting for the bungee cord, but there is none and he knew it before he stepped off. Of course at the last instant the dream… Continued, and the poor bastard splatted into […]

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