Andrew Thomas – Idiot or Clown?

Thomas continues to attack judges “Waaah. I didn’t like your ruling. You suck. Step down” – Andrew Thomas, 2010 Candidate for Governor Maricopa County “Attorney,” to the Superior Court.   Let’s put the pieces together, shall we? Thomas used to work for Dennis Wilenchik, noted blowhard lawyer.  Wilenchik now gets bunches of county money courtesy […]

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Not me.

Chief federal judge too drunk to remember night at strip club DENVER – Court documents obtained by 9Wants to Know show Colorado’s top federal judge [Clarence Scalia] was too drunk to remember how he spent more than $3,000 at a strip club in two consecutive days. He also used an Internet dating service while he […]

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Putting on the Ritz (Carlton)

What exactly does “banned forever” mean? Step 1: Get an invite to a high dollar consultant’s CLE From: Single Chick #1 [] Sent: Monday, March 05, 2007 1:05 PM To: mailing list of bastard lawyers Subject: Seminar Confirmation — March 7, 2007 CONFIRMATION This is to confirm your attendance at our Dinner Seminar on […]

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My day job

I write a lot, and there are usually rewrites. Sometimes, they’re major, like when lawyer language just doesn’t work, and one has to speak freely…

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Today’s Nemesis

“I hate you.  I hate your mob hitman zoot  monkey suits.  I hate your website.  I hate you for making this wait two weeks over some other guy’s BS.  What now? Let me tell you what now. I’ma call a coupla hard, pipe-hittin’… ” EPILOGUE:  No asskicking, except by me.  I completely beat down the other guy […]

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