Live 8 redux

Live 8 is live on MTV right now. No commercials. No vapid mtv “personalities.” In four hours it switches to VH1, so there is time to catch floyd again, UNINTERRUPTED. w00t! (they are cutting songs, like playing only 2 from Annie Lennox and only one from Will Smith but they don’t seem to be screwing […]

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Hello? Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me, Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY… Dear Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY: This is not your finest hour of journalism. Especially this part: Out of place: Pink Floyd’s much-heralded “reunion” was lackluster. Classic-rock tunes that sound dreamy on record seemed downright sleepy in performance. Did you listen to the band? Did […]

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Wear a White Band today

Global Call to Action Against Poverty    Live 8 is tomorrow.  Get your MTV on. When: Saturday 2nd July, 2005. Where: UK – Hyde Park, London Edinburgh – Edinburgh 50,000 – The Final Push France – Palais de Versailles, Paris Germany – Siegessäule, Berlin Italy – Circus Maximus, Rome USA –Museum of Art, Philadelphia Canada […]

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