There and Back Again

The vexing thing about OCD levels of continuity between trilogies is the same vexing thing about writing about the OCD levels of continuity between trilogies.  We last left The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with a couple of wizards a fairy prince Elven King and his domanatrix superior in the elf world sitting around the table getting […]

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The way is shut.

It was made by those who are Dead. And the Dead keep it, Until the time comes. The way is shut. Six years ago, there was a detective.  She did a little work for a guy, once upon a time.  After a few months, she wanted to be his friend, because what do friends do?  […]

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New Press Secretary

President George W. “W” Bush decided to move past the whole  Gannon/ Guckert/ Rove/ McLellan  scandal by appointing a new press secretary whose background is ideally suited for the role. “So the truth was dear to thee. Know that it suffered mightily. Before we fucking killed it. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaha!” the Mouth of Sauron reportedly uttered, before […]

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