Told you so

1.23.2006 – I tell you that GM is doomed, because its pitch point on the Buick Safeway Dairy products Lucerne is the heated windshield washer fluid. 2007 – George W. Bush props up GM with money so it’s not an obvious victim of the Bush Recession. 2009 – Obama has little choice but more money […]

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Notes from the weekend

  1. Napoleon syndrome – this little prick thought he could DUI me into a ditch on Friday. Think again smart guy.


reckless driver

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Why GM is Doomed

Doomed, I tell you. Not for the lactose intolerant… 1. Their all new car looks like a Jetta 2006 Buick Lucerne. Jetta I get confused every time I see one. 2. They have a full-page ad in this month’s Car and Driver, plus an aggressive TV ad campaign. The pitch point? Not the big ass […]

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