Beer Goggles

Lincoln : Continental Lincoln : Continental | eBay. This ^^ is what happens when: It’s football Saturday Michigan last #beatOhio in 2003.  (Ohio does not have a win for last year, but that is not a Michigan win) Ohio:  Beaten.  Back monkey: removed. Blue beers are in order. FWIW, Blue Moon and PBR have 33 and […]

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three is a magic number

life is good when you can dream about threefers with your girlfriend and can tell her about it.  Life is better when the third is your bud from Cali* who is sometimes open to those sorts of adventures. *It’s ok to be relieved that she was starring, and not one of those crazy bitches from […]

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Fancy Parking

It’s morning and I am splayed out in the parking lot of Christie’s Cabaret.  Again.  I need to get to Bandaids Show Lounge . because, last I knew, Lurlene was puking in a dumpster after quart of Wild Turkey and scissoring a couple of “performance artists” on the hood of a stolen Dodge Viper in […]

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Only in my dreams

It’s 2007? ’08? ’09? It’s pre-Lurlene. I am hanging out with Peggy. We’re talking about my then-current girlfriend, Prozac.  I am going to Michigan for a visit. I in no way want Prozac along for the ride. (This trip actually happened in ’09) Where it goes from ordinary weirdness to creepy is we’re chatting about […]

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