Your tax dollars at work

Mother Nature: I like wind Palm trees: Oops. My dead fronds fell down in the middle of the street from all this wind. Lurlene: Oh look. The street is impassable due to a giant stack of dead tree parts. I will move them out of the street, which will provide an ancillary benefit to this […]

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I swear this is not me, Lurlene

For one, I never go out without my hubcaps. Safe wheels and all that…
  1. I don’t have this car anymore.
  2. I went to bandaids just that one time.
  3. Yes, when I get VIP parking, it’s because the strippers feel like they owe me something extra at the end of the night, but that refers to what happens in the car, not where I parked it.  This is day time.
  4. No, not the morning after the night before.
  5. I promised you could come with the next time.
  6. (Yes, I meant that as a double entendre.)
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Not Me

Drunk woman speeds in front of jail, arrested YAVAPAI COUNTY, Ariz. – The Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office says a woman was arrested after a deputy saw her driving 100 MPH in front of the Camp Verde Jail, with a blood alcohol level of .235.  On July 31, around 6:30 a.m., a deputy saw her driving […]

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Not me

Some jokes write themselves, 37 times… Green means stop for drunk concert-goer A woman was arrested on multiple DUI charges, traffic obstruction, and being a minor in possession of alcohol Feb. 6 at 1:31 a.m. Police responded to the area of East Speedway Boulevard and North Cherry Avenue after a SafeRide employee reported that a […]

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No one I know

Seriously.  I never answer those emails. And, I don’t know any 19 year old Dutch hookers research analysts. 9 January 2008 THE HAGUE – A man and woman were found naked testing 58 erection pills in a car, police in The Hague reported Wednesday. The police happened upon the car with steamed up windows parked […]

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