Lounge Lizards Unite

1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
cocaine and hookers beats amway sales meetings every time

Maybe the 70’s weren’t a complete waste of time after.  Given the choice, I would take the Disco Stu/Larry the Lounge Lizard Monte Carlo over the middle management, “I’m late for that widget convention at the airport Super 8” Malibu every single time.  “Progress” can kiss my leopard print covered/Hai Karate scented ass.

No, it’s not because you could do hookers and blow (simultaneously) on that giant hood.  Well, not ENTIRELY because of that.

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Cop or Not?

Innocuous looking Chevy Malibu, AZL 744VKFW.  What you don’t see is two rows of red/blue cop lights in the rear window, going off like a Fremont St. casino on meth.  Somehow, in two shots, I could not capture the cop candlepower. Anyway, welcome to Phoenix.  We’ll dress up like traveling vacuum salesmen, just to separate […]

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