Toxic Waste

Ever wonder why the cheeseburger the kids left under the seat looks edible (in theory) three weeks later? An Inquiry into the Effects of Preservatives in McDonald’s Food, or, What Does the Fungus Know That You Don’t? or, why a Big Mac  is better than formaldehyde. More on why McD’s sucks ass.

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Ronald McLiar

R. McDonald caught pissing on fries. While being led to the waiting squad car, he reportedly said, “well it’s not like evil clown piss will kill you faster than the shit these are cooked in anyway.” [/satire] McDonald’s to pay $8.5 million in trans fat lawsuit – Feb 11, 2005

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Man fined, banned from McDonald’s after Egg McMuffin assault HOLLAND, MI — A Zeeland man has been fined $600 and put on probation for throwing an Egg McMuffin at a McDonald’s restaurant manager after he didn’t get what he wanted. Authorities said Scott Rodgers, 46, and his 6-year-old son stopped to get four Egg McMuffins in a Holland McDonald’s […]

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