in one of these on Friday and in one of these today not in town; not outrunning the federales or ICE.

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Fly Away

Life in the city can make you crazy For sounds of the sand and the sea Life in a high-rise can make you hungry For things that you can’t even see Fly away, fly away, fly away.

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Ron Mexico

is not my name, but “yo quiero taco bell” will be my mantra for the next couple of days, as I traipse on down to Puerto Penasco in search of bikinis, beer and “more of each please.” I am well prepared to bridge the cultural divide… Donde esta mas cerveza? (more beer); los banos? (the […]

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Beware of the Leopard

Papas and Beers plus tequila = ??? Also, what happens in Mexico does not necessarily stay in Mexico. ¬†Like when the bar has a camera and an interweb connection… Skipping the Fat part of Fat, Drunk and Stupid altogether, go cruise to Ensenada on the PacificPrincess. Bring your 19 or 20 year old nieces, because […]

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