A Version of No

Peter Garrett‘s new solo album is not my favorite. The music sounds a bit like the Oils. At least the sedated Breathe/Capricornia Oils. So there was at least some recognition, some comfort, like my once cool Chuck Taylors that are now retired from public use. The lyrics are where the train tracks hit the proverbial quicksand. WTF, Pete. […]

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Shoulda Woulda Coulda

My favorite band of the 80s has a new compilation CD called “Essential Oils.” It’s a decent effort for a band that has been defunct for 10+/- years.  If I were making this album, it would be live and feature this updated set list…

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Deja Vu, except different

Driving in to work listening to this song It was 1998-9 all over again. Except no Red Hyundai.  No massive dread over rolling in to the Esplanade and having to justify my existence to my old boss.  No (ex-)wifely eyerolls and withering snark because i dared buy myself a CD.

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Midnight Oil 9/21/1993

KTCL / CUPC /Fey welcome Midnight Oil Balch Fieldhouse Boulder Colorado Earth and Sun and Moon tour. September 21, 1993. Ended promptly at 10 due to ridiculous Boulder noise ordinance. Followed, threatened by a drunk. Good times.

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