Know when to fold ’em

Tigers are done in the race for the AL Central.  Their only hope is for a wild card berth.  5 1/2 behind the Yankees, and just 1 1/2 ahead of the Mariners with 6 left to play. MLB – Standings What does this mean?  It means it’s time for the Tigers to lose  3 in a […]

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Yay Pine Tar

Tigers kick Cardinals’ Asses.  With a little help from George Brett. Dear Kenny: You don’t need extra help.  It’s the fucking Cardinals.  Different sport, same shittiness.  (OK, that is not true -St. Louis is no stranger to championships, as opposed to Pink Taco occupants in Glendale AZ) XXOO Me P.S.  If Madonna or 8 Barrel […]

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Bronx Cheer for Cheney

Cheney Pays Visit to Stadium By TYLER KEPNER Published: June 30, 2004 ice President Dick Cheney spent about 20 minutes in Manager Joe Torre’s office and in the clubhouse shaking hands with players before the Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox, 11-3, last night at Yankee Stadium. * * * During the singing of  “God Bless America” in […]

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