1985 Honda Civic wagon
Powered by a sewing machine motor

Where I saw one: down on the street, instead of  On the intertubes

Nostalgia factor: 3/10 – Ahh, memories – mostly not mine.

Baseline: 0, since I never personally owned one. +1 because mom had one, +1 because that one was a crazy moonwagon instead of an ordinary hatchback, -1 because it didn’t have a radio – stupid Honda made you choose from dealer installed extra cost radios and mom simply wouldn’t fork over an extra dime, +1 because I stole borrowed it to visit Madonna while mom was away, +1 because it led to a Wixom sexathon, +1 because for 20 years, including my entire marriage, banging her was the best sex ever, Read More

Only in my dreams

It’s 2007? ’08? ’09? It’s pre-Lurlene. I am hanging out with Peggy. We’re talking about my then-current girlfriend, Prozac.  I am going to Michigan for a visit. I in no way want Prozac along for the ride. (This trip actually happened in ’09) Where it goes from ordinary weirdness to creepy is we’re chatting about […]

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