Bread and Circuses

Captain’s log, stardate 4040.7. On the surface of planet IV, system 892, the landing party has won the confidence of what obviously is a group of runaway slaves. They dwell in caves not far from a large city, wear rags, live under primitive conditions. But they are creatures of a heavily industrialized 20th century-type planet […]

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The Galileo Seven

Captain’s Log, stardate 2821.5. En route to Makus III, with a cargo of medical supplies. Our course leads us past Murasaki 312, a quasar-like formation. Vague… undefined. A priceless opportunity for scientific investigation. On board is Galactic High Commissioner Ferris, overseeing the delivery of the medicines to Makus III.

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Alien vs. Trek

Kirk: What kind of a transmission? Chekov: Acoustical beacon. It, uh, repeats at intervals of 12 seconds. Facesuckers ensue. Then, Then inglorious death, because Phasers lose to molecular acid.

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The Devil in the Dark

As envisioned and performed by monsters Captain’s log, stardate 3196.1, the USS Enterprise – xoxbox, under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, has been sent to the pergium mining colony on planet Janus VI. Kirk is hungover from that Orion slave girl orgy, so it’s on Spock to fix everything

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