Some Jokes Just Write Themselves

Trolling through the Mormon store… Baptismal Suit adult This one-piece suit is water-repellent polyester-cotton, has short sleeves, and is lined to the knee. Made in USA or imported. via Baptismal Suit adult – Of course it’s water repellent.  The whole point of baptism is to stay dry.  Mormon underwear has the same goal.

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Fuck Mormons

Oh really?  What exactly do you mean, San Francisco? fuck [those ignorant marriage discrimination] Mormons? fuck Mormons [and experience carnal variety (special underwear, oil baths and all that)] [we are] fuck Mormons – like a fuck lion

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Asatru – better than LDS?

My kid has a friend who is LDS, and is mercilessly recruiting my child. (These freaks will tell me it’s a cult.) I’m thinking Asatru might be a better choice – historical connection, no special underwear, no planet of your own to rule as a (small g) god. Plus, I read up on some Baptist […]

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