Final Destination

WHAT IF… the reason all these iconic artists  that 2016 keeps taking away from us weren’t supposed to die. What if it is Motley Crue’s fault? Stay with me here. In January 2014, the Crue signed a cessation of touring agreement. No more performing as MC after 2015. MC is dead before it’s 2016. the […]

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Pandora’s Box

So I am kid 2 us driving to school.  We stop at the Kwik-E-Mart for a beverage and some cash.  We hop back in the car.  As the car starts, from somewhere, the first few bars of this… start blasting. However, the radio is off (because: kid driving). WTH? Where’s that music from? Kid 2: Dad, that’s […]

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Fancy Parking: Your world frightens and confuses me edition

It started out as an ordinary trip to a car show.  I followed the GMC to a choice pull through spot.  I could have gone to either side, but i went right in case there was no passenger (couldn’t see).  Even then, I was cautious in pulling in, in case there was a passenger, especially one who liked to kick the door open.

Parking brake, kill the ignition.  Oh look, there WAS a passenger. Good thing I left plenty of room.

Scion GMC Parking
Seems ample.

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What did we learn?

Vince Neil doesn’t need lyrics

Mötley Crüe Setlist:
Saints of Los Angeles – great choice if only they remembered the words or the music
Wild Side – OK
Shout at the Devil – OK
Same Old Situation – Yay!
Sex – Yawn. Product placement for the new album
Don’t Go Away Mad Just Go Away – Yay!
Home Sweet Home – Yay!
Drum Solo – yawn
Livewire – yawn
Primal Scream – yawn
Dr. Feelgood – Yay!
Girls, Girls, Girls – Yay!
Kickstart My Heart – Yay! Read More

the Tour, the Tour, the Tour

The Crue The KISS This musical contrast kinda sums it up, but let’s look at a couple more things: KISS Crue Power Ballad? Invented it Yeah, but “Home Sweet Home” kicks “Beth”‘s ass Look like French Hookers? And beyond, to Geishas, and back again The whole 1980s.  Moved on to ex-methhead Junkies and drunks Fired […]

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That’s alright, that’s okay

Words for the drought ender to take to heart…

It took two weeks, but finality is achieved. Me and Peggy, the transitional, “back in the saddle” fling – we’re done.  I just need to remember not to be near her with too much beer on board, because there is only one outcome, and it is the opposite of being done…

Seasons must change

Separate paths, separate ways
If we blame it on anything
Let’s blame it on the rain…

That’s alright, that’s okay

Let’s turn the page

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