alive and kicking

Yes, I am still here. Business ensued since last time: 1 – felony level DUI (not me) 2 – public flashing (not me. Seriously.) 3 – PDA at 1 am (unrelated to 1 or 2) 4 – suggestive emails related to 3 that invoke Star Trek and Mustangs (lame if a guys does it; kinda […]

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in the air tonight…

I can feel it. I just don’t know what it is doing yet. Is it post holiday loneliness? It is pre-Valentines jitters? For some reason, the chiquitas have been noticeably aware of my presence: talking to me all night at the bar, emails out of the blue, internet “flirts,” babes eyeballing me at the gym […]

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AARP <3 me

Leisure Suit Me in Scottsdale. Chatted up this hot surgical nurse. So did two other guys. But, once the beer kicked in, I knew it was time to BTF off, because, AS I JUST WROTE, the beer kicked in. See this if the significance escapes you. I’ll see her next time, maybe. Then I went […]

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Don’t Panic

This has nothing to do with the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy being shown on Starz this month.  I wish it did… So Qwest finally unfucked my phones. Yay! I can call 1–900–yeah-baby-yeah without burning all my “in” minutes. And the telemarketers can find me once again. Double yay! Last night, I came home and […]

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