It’s never too early… Nebraska names Pelini new head coach LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — Bo Pelini is the new coach at Nebraska, leaving the defensive coordinator post at LSU for a job many Cornhusker fans thought he should have been given four years ago. Interim athletic director and former coach Tom Osborne announced Pelini’s hiring […]


It is… ALIVE

Osborne corpse reanimates self, declares himself Nebraska’s interim coach Paterno miffed at blatant copycat move LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — “Dr.” Tom Osborne is back from the dead as Nebraska’s football coach — but just for now, since the supply of brains in Nebraska is severely limited. Osborne, already the interim athletic director, on Wednesday declared […]

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Order Is Restored

Bill Calahan Farewell Tour Closes Embarrassingly (Yet Again) BOULDER, Colo. (AP) -All eyes in Nebraska now look toward Tom Osborne’s office – to see if Bill Callahan could possibly emerge from his upcoming meeting with Nebraska’s athletic director with his job still in hand.If he does, it would be an even bigger shock than what […]

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Who’s gonna save me?

A: No one, Bill Callahan. Your ass is still fired. this just buys you the chance to resign. LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) -Once Nebraska’s offense got going, coach Bill Callahan showed no balls inclination to let up. Joe Ganz threw for 510 yards and seven touchdowns to set school records and Nebraska scored on 11 straight […]

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God Save The Queen

Callahan sidesteps questions about his future With scrutiny intensifying with each loss, Callahan said he leans on his religion. “I’ve got to count on the Lord in that respect. That’s where I derive my strength from,” Callahan said. “That’s what any Christian does. You put your trust in the Lord and you go forward.” God: […]

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Karma is pleased

10 year contract? What the hell were we thinking? Notre Dame closing in on worst season ever SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Notre Dame has set a lot of “worst” marks this season. Worst start. Worst home losing streak. Two of the 10 worst losses ever. With three games left, worst season in school history […]

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Be Careful What You Wish For…

Huskers’ Callahan whines that his Dead Man Walking job prospects are hurting recruiting  “Nebraska took a major hit on the recruiting front this week when star running back Jonas Gray of Southfield, Mich., announced he was de-committing and taking another look at Michigan and LSU. He told the Omaha World-Herald that he feared even if […]

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Gooooood mooorning, Omahaaaaaa

Lt. Steven Hauk: Sir, in my heart, I know I’m funny. Bill Callahan: I know in my heart of hearts I’m doing an excellent job, a good job, Pretend AD “Dr:” Tom Osborne (the day after the CU game): Coach, you don’t know whether you’re shot, fucked, powder-burned, or snakebit. ——————————————— Why must Callahan go? […]

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