Same old Cardinals

ATLANTA – Empathy is hard to find in the NFL. But near the end of a debacle in Dixie, the Falcons’ coach unleashed unprecedented mercy. Leading 41-7, Mike Smith ordered his quarterback to take a knee four times in succession, even though his team could not run out the clock. He simply gave the ball […]

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Don’t go away mad…

A person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Favre has informed the Vikings he won’t return for a second season. via Brett Favre tells Vikings he won’t return for a 20th NFL season – NFL –

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Colts suck

Geaux Saints. Warner – beatdown, loss and retirement Favre – beatdown, loss and retirement/unretirement/reretirement/more Sears ads Manning? 1,2 and the Warner version of 3 please.  

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Cards to see their own shadow in Super Bowl XLIII, lose for 60 more years.

(yes, Roger Goodell.  I said “Super Bowl.”  Not “Big game.”  Super. Bowl.) I was listening to ESPN this morning, and some Card came on bragging about practicing in the rain after the humiliating disaster in the snows of Foxboro.   The player said from that point, they would be unaffected by playing conditions.  Oh really?  it […]

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You’re My Drug

Dear Direct TV: You bastards are worse than porn, beer or warcraft. I wish I knew how to quit you.  But you complete me.  Alas. I signed up for a new Direct TV package:  Pay for NFL Sunday ticket, get everything else free for 4 months.  Yesterday was NFL day.  We turn to the pregame […]

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Upon Further Review

The New York Giants can still Kiss my ass.  I am just a little bit more mellow about it this morning.  It probably has nothing to do with nearly getting run over by the Patriots motorcade at 8:55 am at Greenway and the 51.  Or the fact that the cops not only gave them an […]

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