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David E. Davis Was Wrong

He said the A-bodies would be the most successful GM cars ever.  Why was he wrong? No v. 1.0 models exist any longer.  There are plenty of 1.5s like this – well, more than zero – and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a 2.0.  Still, Cadillac Escalade.  Boom, roasted. This?  AYFKM?  Yellow on the outside, brown on…

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I Went to a Garden Party…

Mmmm winter.  Time to party in the student ghetto.  Pod knows of a cozy little bash.  Ever the nonchalant one, he sidles up to all the pretty girls at school as  if he’s known them forever.  Phid, on the other hand, has more of an end game approach.  He gets more, earlier; Pod’s are more loyal down the road.  They…

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break up letter

A window into the past

Her:  You must have fucked a hooker in Vegas, because you looked at a cat at the exact same moment I accused you of this bullshit. Me:  It was trying to hump my leg. Me: *walks out*

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Oh, Thank Heaven

Somewhere in the wasted haze of being 20 something, I decided that maybe shit jobs at the car wash and the BK lounge were not all that satisfying.  Pod and OG were finishing college.  Phid’s college career was as off the tracks as mine, but we had community college bullshit.  His job at one restaurant or another at least gave…

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Alex Trebek: It is the only acceptable excuse for

missing Phid’s bachelor party. Q: What is coming to this dive with Madonna for bible reading, Scientology auditing 401K seminar late one night when she drops into town unannounced? HOLIDAY MOTEL – Your home for make up/first time/finally after six months of trying nookie. P.S. I am sorry I missed the party. Still. P.P.S. My alternative proved to be much…

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oooo, exotic

Phid: I am going to Mardi Gras with my balding friend. Me: ooo, exciting. Bring me back some exotic beer you cannot find here. Phid: ‘K. Give me cash. Me: Uh, I work at 7-Eleven. Hence, no spare money. Phid: No problem. Hence…

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