is not international Dave Day, but it’s sorta like it. It’s Phid and Camaro day. Nineteen years ago, I again was smiled upon by karma vis a vis the po-leece, but it’s not really a day about me, any more than any other day is all about me, outside of my personal FAME WHORE existence. […]

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Too Close to Home

Geez. Never hear of that happening before. Well, the death part. No word on whether a 5 iron was involved. Boy dies after being accidentally struck by golf club Canadian Press Jul. 22, 2005 10:13 AM WETASKIWIN,Alberta – A six-year-old boy was taken off life support and died Thursday after being accidentally struck by a […]

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1976 Oldsmobile Starfire

stock photo. rebadged Monza (which itself is a reworked Vega). What a brilliant piece of engineering. Definitely better than a Pinto.  This one has a driver door that was not bent forward to the headlights rolling out of a driveway in Colorado.  Also, it lacks a keg and big ass speakers on the rear wheel […]

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On the Road Again

More stupid college/ frat shit (mostly) A. It’s winter. Everything is covered in snow. Not the big fluffy, flaky stuff. The cold, hard, crystallized snow, that crunches like little ice cubes under your feet. What to do on a snowy night? Kegger! Drive Tom and the other, other Tom to a bash they know about […]

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Say Yes to Michigan

Fat Drunk and stupid at Faber College (sort of). It’s time to visit 8 Barrel, Phid (and Jack Dova even) in Ann Arbor. Crash in the dorms so you can pretend to be a student (except for the cranial firepower and rich ass parents parts). Also not part of the experience? Going to class. (You […]

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