Proverbs 31 wife

My cousin’s kid and my sister and her 7 daughters all aspire* to be “Proverbs 31 wives.” Setting aside the conceit that a woman needs to be a wife in the first place, I actually looked it up: The Woman Who Fears the Lord 10  An excellent wife who can find? She is far more […]

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The Bible is a blog

Just think about it – a bunch of smelly hippy dudes, writing down their stories – run ins with the law, road trips, dating woes – told and retold over the years and collected in one place.  Two thousand years after the fact, people like my sister treat that bullshit as

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Pet shop

This guest post from Lewis Beck Whenever I walk by a pet shop, I have to go in and look at the puppies. I have always been a dog lover and cannot resist looking at their sweet faces in a pet store. I frequently go to the pet store by my house and the owner […]

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I Love the Buffett Rule

Taxes this year: Increased withdrawals/  deduction for Monkey for the first time in 6 years = Refund.  Yay.  I can buy a clue, or some shellfish and a beer! Oh wait.  Minus 2010 taxes. Minus PayPal for this (from 2010): minus Cap One  (bar dues, dentist, pool stuff, dog). minus this for Lurlene (last week): […]

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I need this for my DROID.

Smartphone Apps That Warn of DUI Checkpoints Strike Controversy – Understanding DUI / Research – The Phoenix DUI Law Blog. If you’re using smartphone apps like Checkpointer, Buzzed, or Fuzz Alert Pro to find out where the local DUI checkpoints are in the Valley, then you may soon need to find a new way to […]

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Whistling Past the Graveyard

It’s the new Dodge Dart? Mesa police find stolen van submerged in lake. Police said a man steered a stolen van into a lake at Riverview Park then ran away.  Witnesses saw the man jump out of the moving van just before 4 a.m. Saturday. The van continued into the lake and became completely submerged… […]

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