FOUFCFK right back at ya

Dear Dr. Gonzo: This letter is in response to your recent personalized plate request.  The combination of letters [foufcfk]that you requested could be perceived as having a connotation that may be offensive or misleading to the public.  As a result, your plate has been held and will be forwarded to the MVD Personalized Plate Review […]

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Not me

but a hero of the revolution nonetheless Glendale Man Arrested on Suspicion of Hammering Speed Camera With Pickax: Hero or Villain? Thu Dec 04, 2008 at 05:15:40 PM A Glendale man has been arrested on suspicion of vandalizing a speed camera on Loop 101 by striking it with a pickax. Late Wednesday night, a motorcycle […]

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Vote with your office supplies

An unknown group of people have been quietly expressing disapproval with Arizona’s new freeway photo scheme by taking a unique approach, potentially putting Redflex in a “sticky” situation. The end result of the mystery activists’ efforts is the placement of Post-It notes on photo scam equipment throughout the valley. Reports have surfaced that numerous cameras […]

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Arizona Sucks

In out last episode, we learned that Arizona DPS is happy to misdirect you with their photo radar warnings. It gets better. Dear Arizona It’s 65.  Oh wait, 55.  Snap.  Nah, I guess I meant 65 after all.  Thanks for the $181.  Enjoy the jam  from artificially induced slowing. It’s all about safety, really. xxoo […]

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