OK smart guy…

how do I get the audio from this clip into a file I can burn onto a CD. I can’t find this version from any legit source. The DVD rip stuff doesn’t seem to work. What do I do? An ice cold beer the next time we’re in the same state to the first one […]

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Why Santa kicks ass

The fucking Clash, man
For my little Chemical Romancer
Pink Floyd dark side of the Moon
For my David Gilmour fan

Nothing buffers “today’s new country” (which the kids claim not to like) like the best fucking music ever.

Karma:  how would you know anything about “the best fucking music” in any context.

Me:  I know the answer to “what is the best fucking music ever” is unlikely to ever fall under “today’s new country.”  Now STFU.  It’s Christmas.

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Hello? Is there anybody in there?

Just nod if you can hear me, Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY… Dear Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY: This is not your finest hour of journalism. Especially this part: Out of place: Pink Floyd’s much-heralded “reunion” was lackluster. Classic-rock tunes that sound dreamy on record seemed downright sleepy in performance. Did you listen to the band? Did […]

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