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Home of Pussies

Cardinals suck

Dear asshole Bidwill people: Now that Kurt “I am afraid to see my shadow” Warner has walked away* from your traditional doormat team, can we please revert to the previous policy of opening the fucking roof more than once a season?  Is it really too much to ask, that in the so-called Valley of the Sun, we’re allowed to see…

Arizona Cardinals Suck

U2 is not afraid of the sky

U2 is not afraid of the sky, but the Cardinals (hello? You’re birds!!!) are?  WTF?

Dear Michael Bidwill:

Grow a pair, would you?  U2 gets an open roof in October, but the Cardinals are too big of pussies to do the sameFuck you.  I paid extra for the hole – I expect to be able to use it.



P.S.  Yes, “Fuck you.  I paid extra for the hole – I expect to be able to use it.” is the same rant I use on Vegas hookers.  What’s your point?

Home of Pussies

Fuck you Arizona Cardinals

Dear Michael Bidwill: It’s 71 degrees in Glendale this very minute, an hour and a half before game time.  There is a 0% chance of rain.  It’s the desert, remember? Yet, the roof at Pink Taco stadium is closed.  You, sir, are a Pink Taco.   I hope Kurt “but I play better with a roof” Warner throws 4 picks.  In…

Home of Pussies

Cardinals Suck

Dear Michael Bidwill: You’re a piece of shit, sir.  There is no rain.  The temperature is 75.  It’s fucking November.  Yet, this very minute, the roof on University of Phoenix Pink Taco Stadium is closed.  What. the. fuck? Pussies.  I hope New York schools you, just because you lack the balls to open the roof that I paid for. Die.…

Any particular reason you are driving 56 in a 55, boy?

Why does Roger Goodell hate America?

NFL implements new code of Fascism for fans at games NEW YORK (AP) — The NFL implemented a new code of fan oppression Tuesday, warning that spectators who think they are more than just consumers of overpriced, shitty food and a steilized, joyless game-like simulation designed to generate ad revenue will be ejected from stadiums and barred from coming back.…