I DO read it for the articles

Some people dig it for the word-action; others hate it for the style and tone. The editors of Playboy really despised it: Their edit/memos ranged from “This is a good Esquire piece” to “Thompson’s ugly, stupid arrogance is an insult to everything we stand for” and “This is our last adventure with H. Thompson; from […]

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I read it for the articles

Two fingers tequila is the worst shit ever.  I know from experience. Why did I try it?  The ads: No, I did not understand the double entendre at the time. Where did I see the ads? National Lampoon and Playboy.  Yes.  I read the ads in Playboy.  And the articles.  How else would I learn about: the […]

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Oh my god, it will never end…

Stupid Drunken Things Not To Do Many of these are currently considered illegal, and they are all fictional or my name isn’t Dick R. Brettman. “Alcohol, the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems” – H. Simpson I. Drive el Festiva loco to 8 Barrel and Easy E’s pad for a fix-up party […]

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