The sad part about the Pope dying

is that Buzzkill‘s13 kids in Ohio are being told, “that motherfucker is going straight to hell. Like all Catholics. And Jews. And Muslims. And Mormons. And Indians. And Michigan fans.” None of these groups are “right with God,” according to Buzzkill.  Maybe she’s right about the Mormons – special underwear, oil baths, getting your own […]

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The Pope is dead

VATICAN SPOKESMAN SAYS WILL MAKE STATEMENT ON POPE’S HEALTH IN 10 MINS…   DRUDGE REPORT 2005® Ok, not yet, but today… Not that I am rooting for it, but it sounds like it’s time. OK, not yesterday after all, and not at the 2:30 am announcement when I was insomniaed, either.We got the same sort […]

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