Suddenly we’re popular

with the cool kids for our little photo essay on the Porsche 918 over at Drive By Shootings.  So much so that Dr. Porsche his own self dropped by. Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Ag ( [Label IP Address]    0 returning visits Germany     Multiline URLs May 15 06:44:02 AM  Drive-By Shootings May 15 06:45:16 AM (Exit Link) May 15 […]

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Body Count

I have a love/hate relationship with cops as it is. Seeing this brought a smile to my heart, though.

This is the Porsche 944 graveyard.

Spock:  Jim, they are dying.
Kirk:  Let them die.

We know the Porsche 944.  We know cop detectives.  We know DUI collisions by cop detectives. rolling into the back of motorcycles.  So, there is some measure of Karma in seeing the rotted corpses, and a front clip on a pike.

I got my black shirt on.I got my black gloves on.I got my ski mask on.This shit’s been too long.

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Disco Inferno

Burn baby burn… Yesterday morning an older gentleman named Bill called our establishment saying he had a car he needed to sell, he told me he had a “pristine 2006 Mercedes CLK 500 that was being transported from CA to FL along with a Porsche, a GT-R, a Ferrari and a BMW. The truck was […]

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