Jesus, what now Ford Dealers?

Power Ford North Scottsdale said I didn’t need an alignment.*** Discount Tire said I did. Five Star Ford says that they need to grind the strut towers, at my expense, to properly align the car, but it’s “not” a design or manufacturing issue. WTF? ************************************************* [***Ed. Note:  to be completely fair, PFNS was not completely […]

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Under the knife, part 2.

Sometimes life does not completely suck. I took my car to Power Ford North Scottsdale, which used to be Ford of North Scottsdale, which used to be Bill Luke Ford and before that Don Seelye Ford. Time for a LOF, plus I had a little wiggle in the steering and my gas gauge was occasionally […]

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On the other hand

Mad props to the stable… Phil at Ford of North Scottsdale was the Randy Jackson, man. I mean “the bomb.” NSA monitoring crew: No you don’t. If you’re smart. Did most of it on the phone. Didn’t waste my time telling me stuff I already knew. Had all the numbers ready when I got there, […]

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