It wasn’t ALL bad

A brief moment of synchronicity, early in this shitshow of a year. #FuckYou2016 anyway.

Not only did Prince make a song about my old car [Ed.: Car? Other Ed. : Forget it – he’s rolling.], I found it on youtube right when SNL was broadcasting it on the tribute show so my computer could singalong with the TV.
Yes, I am easily amused, but also in need of those small joys sometimes

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Good Night, Sweet Prince

I loved you

You were my first real exposure to funk.  But you were more than that.
Coming from a small midwestern town, you were BATSHITFUCKINGINSANEANDDANGEROUS. Read More


Wardrobe malfunction?  A big STFU to the FCC? I think they make “implements” with that little shocker underneath. EDIT:  They’re on to you and your little purple friend, dude.

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