Oh Qwest. WTF now?

I STILL hate them. They STILL deserve it… In our last episode, Qwest had just told me to fuck right off.  Our wires are fine.  Yours suck.  Perhaps you need a whole new outlet for $99, or you can pay me $120 an hour to tell you I can’t find the problem. Today Qwest:  I […]

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KennyBoy, Prepare to Meet Bubba

Enron Execs on Trial for Fraud and Conspiracy Jury Selection Begins Media sat on its thumbs And to think this (Lay) was our president’s biggest campaign donor. But George “doesn’t know him” now that he is a crook and all. ******************************* This is your future, Joe Nacchio. Pucker up.

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Spirit of Dick

Here is the story:  Qwest sucks. More than that, their top level execs are getting Oz’ed by the SEC and USAGO for insider trading, and profiteering. The main story is here. Friday’s Department of Irony development is right here. DENVER — A sniveling, money-grubbing former Qwest finance chief who admitted to  insider trading as part of […]

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FOAD, Qwest

You know why. You’re assholes.  Not harmless middle-aged assholes like Gene Simmons.  Utterly soulless, black-hearted corporate scum Assholes.

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