And Then There Were Three?

So i am looking for new wheels.  I want to be up higher, esp for some of the photo ideas i have. Also, this is a good year for some extra writeoffs, like a sales tax whale. Lurleen has dreams of a trailer.  So, the new whatever needs: tow ability; room for Lurleen, kid(s) and/or […]

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Tex Earnhardt Can KMA

Lurlene wants a camper trailer. Me: Uh, OK.  What would we tow it with? Dodge Ram:  Hey sailor.  Look at what I’m packing under this hood. Annoying voice of reality:  You DO realize those fuckers cost $30K, right? Never fear, Tex Earnhardt is here.  He has what is quite nearly the perfect truck.  No, not […]

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Life Imitates…

Fargo?! I was looking at a really cool truck that was a *little* over $19,5 at Alice Cooper’s favorite Dodge dealer. In the course of playing “what’s the REAL price,” I asked about add ons.  I will be here all day tomorrow if that works better for you. As far as add on’s we charge […]

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Fredo Wang: the StifMeister

Pussy wagon What the hell is the point of painting “pussy wagon” on the tailgate of this Dodge truck?

For the longest time, some Dodge truck trims were called “Power Wagons.”  Then Chrysler started calling their trucks “Dodge Ram.”  A couple years ago, they dropped the “Dodge” in favor of simply “Ram.”  With that history as a backdrop (notwithstanding the whole “ram”/”[just try to] dodge [the] ram” innuendo), what do we think the message is? Read More

Sarah Palin’s America

It’s a Ram – She likes it rough, horny and goat smelling No truck balls – She wears the pants and the strap on. No rear window – who gives a shit.  She imagines what she can see from her windows already.  Why cloud that picture with facts? Wonder why the license is on the […]

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1986 Dodge Ram Van

With it’s spaceship-like good looks, and bench seats, this is the perfect van for your clan of homeschooled robot children.  Or jackbooted thugs campaign workers and “government contractors.” – Actual Dodge ad (or not) Why talk about this shitbox?  I saw four – FOUR – of these before lunch today, and the one pictured is […]

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