Dear Superstar

Stop running into people  – Superstar Queen of Sheba Why does that not apply to the entire universe?  I mean really.  A fucking SUV gets to do things that I don’t?  That is so unfair… NOTE to BONEHEAD OLD MEN IN NISSANS:  the “Crash into me” tag on posts like this is not an invitation.

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Gas goes down to a sane level and who comes out to play?  Fatass McCheese and his hummer.  Fuck you, sir.  You’re wasting all MY gas.

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Profiles in Shit

Discount Cab 735, 9 a.m.  Thomas and 16th St.:  Hmmm… I am a male in desperate need of enhancement, but this cell phone call to 1-900-be-an-ass has left me feeling empowered despite my other shortcomings. Traffic:  Hey look!  We’re all backed up. Discount Cab 735:  This looks like a job for someone whose brain requires […]

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Faces of Death

Alex Trebek:  It’s what brought you face to face with your own mortality, because the asshole pulling out of the Circle K in it was too busy being self important to look to his right before making his illegal left hand turn. Me:  What is this cargasm [below]? Smashing baby, smashing.  Well, almost.  Fucker.

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Arizona We’re not COMPLETE Jackasses

  Arizona Drops Speed Camera Points New statewide Arizona freeway speed camera tickets will come without points. In a severe blow to the insurance industry, the cash-strapped Arizona state legislature yesterday approved an expansive speed camera program designed to boost state revenue by dropping license points and eliminating costly legal challenges… Until now, Arizona had […]

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Florida Sucks

Bad news for Florida riders, as of October 1st, anyone caught doing 30 over in that state faces confiscation of their vehicle, five to ten years in prison and a ten-year license suspension. We say ‘anyone’ because bill HB 137, which was originally targeted at motorcyclists, was amended to apply to all vehicles. State Representative […]

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