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Baby Come Back

Mister, can you do me a favor?

Engineering open houses at Michigan State are just no fun at all without Budweisers.  You can’t always rely on Dad’s stash.  If you’re a minor not a welcome customer for some odd, unspecified reason, there is one easy solution. (Be sure to hold the sterno bum’s smokes while events are in motion.)

Vegas Timeshare

fredo wang

Yeah. I own it.  And no, the loose slots they advertised had nothing to do with gambling or hookers.  In a related story, meet my new husband Johnnie Walker.

Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy

Oak Street ghetto house

Your chariot suffers the ravages of time and crack.  All your shit falls off:  roof, exhaust, little black rub strip… Curb feelers your McMansion in the ‘burbs?  Well, that concept gets revisited too.