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Fredo Wang

My ex-neighbor Howard

If this were 1970 or so, and the dude was 20 years younger and not a meth head… Police chase man suspected of defecating in yard by Lisa Halverstadt – Jun. 30, 2008 03:59 PM The Arizona Republic A Phoenix man was arrested Friday night after defecating and urinating on the side of a Tempe home and then running from…


Satan is alive

Satan is alive and living on Craiglist. Want proof? This: Don’t read it.Dad/Daughter Role Play – m4w (East Valley)Don’t read it. is some fuckhead’s idea of “porn” and a role playing hook up. It is not porn, it is Lucifer’s own colon, after a night of beans, onions, habaneros and battery acid. It’s toxic. Don’t read it. I got two…

hooker hell

Pussy Galore

So, it’s a weekend like any other. It’s raining* and I need to pack my 200 lb. TV and other shit into a pickup bed that’s 3 sizes too small. Yes, it’s GTFOOH day. Yay. Naturally, this means that my neighbor needs to see me – probably to nickel and dime me on the stuff I am selling him. Come…