They Made Us Change Our Name

Rolling Stone says:

Spawned from the CBS reality show (an American Idol for rockers), Rock Star: Supernova stars Season Two winner Lukas Rossi backed by Tommy Lee, ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted and ex-G n’ R guitarist Gilby Clarke. The band’s debut is mostly big, catchy arena rock: “Leave the Lights On” sounds like Velvet Revolver covering Cheap Trick, and “Be Yourself (and 5 Other Cliches)” packs in a huge hair-metal chorus. Rossi wails like a recording vet (which he is), but most of the tunes feel tired, if not retrograde: Opener “It’s On” could have come from Collective Soul, the ballads suck, and there are some dark, sub-Alice in Chains bangers. The bright spot: It’s probably better than the upcoming Taylor Hicks record.
They’re being charitable

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