Enzo Wept…

575 M Maranello
Pimp this ride

It doesn’t pay to be a despot (or dead). All your cool sh*t gets messed up.  This (supposedly) is what’s left of one of the Menendez Hussein brothers cars after the US leveraged acquisition invasion “liberation” of Iraq began (and after their positions as evil alive thugs were eliminated). More car carnage here.

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No Soup for You!

Top Ten Things Overheard At Saddam Hussein’s Court Appearance 10. If the mustache don’t fit, you must acquit 9. Rather than ‘murderous dictator, ‘ I’d prefer ‘genocidal maniac’ 8. Is it me or is Saddam just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? 7. He’s obviously had a queer makeover 6. If you wanted a […]

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