Welcome to Arizona

Today, shoplifting gets you a black and white taxi ride and a custodial search of your soon to be impounded SUV. If the ACLU injunction fails, this will be tamale vendors without their papers. BEFORE the lunch rush I might add.

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And I’m Proud to be an American

Where at least I know I’m free…

to buy a Japanese car and stick a big ass (made in China) flag on it to fool my nativist friends.

“wtf” indeed

You can tell it’s a wingnut and not an homage to the space shuttle because  of the W’04 sticker on the gas flap. (Or, I could be wrong and it’s a giant win for IRONY)

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Office Crap

The stuff I put up with… Attempted Humor 1. Barb arrived home from work to find the children bathed, one load of clothes in the washer and another in the dryer. Dinner was on the stove, and the table set. She was astonished! It turns out that Jack had read an article that said wives […]

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