Hollywood Crazy

All flavors, all price ranges. Right up to the 10 story MiniTru.

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Every “church” needs a 7-story sign.

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Finding Nemo

Las Vegas is like a reef.  Predators in the shadows and crevices, luring you in and kicking your broke ass carcass out once the $ stops flowing.  Scavengers looking for any lost treasures (hopefully beer or money).  Schools of oblivious tourists cruising back and forth, assuming someone else will lose out – not them, not today.

Yes, there's a kid in the sdtroller while Dad get s trolled by Xenu
Why yes, my mouth IS also my anus.  Let me tell you about dianetics.  QED.

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The Sky is Falling

Dear earthlings: You may have noticed a claim that the sky is falling in the column to your right. –> In case you didn’t guess from the smarmy tagline, it’s Tom Cruise and the Thetans. (i.e., These guys:  Solutions for a Dangerous Environment: Free Course on the Official Volunteer Ministers Website). i have no control […]

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Dear Tom Cruise

We already know your volunteer minister Xenumobile has no windows But why, oh why is there a cage inside? with all the rhetoric about Phoenix being the kidnap capital of the world, I never connected it with the loons. Until Now.

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Dear Tom Cruise

Why does your sandwich board treat “ET” differently than the rest of “Xenu Koolaid” Is it a shout out to Spielberg or Reese’s Pieces? Is it a secret symbol like the arrow in the FedEx logo? What’s the Answer?  Do I have to get in the windowless van to an undisclosed location to find out?

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