Which is worse?

ONE For:  Sirius – Lithium 24, NCAA football, NFL, matches one of my dash light colors, wires hide in dash seams Against: Sirius; velcro; shitty FM transmitter, AUX cable costs $100, wires TWO For:  It’s a Roller Against:  Everything except that fact.

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Sirius sucks

Sirius:  Your subscription is up. GF:  BFD.  Let it die. Later GF:  I want to live again. Sirius:  FU.  Pay a late fee for not renewing GF:  WTF? No. Sirius:  OK.  Give us CC # and we will charge you for a year, starting with last month, when you were canceled. GF:  WTF? No. Sirius:  […]

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Sock to Sirius: GFY

The dog logo is cool.  Otherwise meh.  And “GTFOOH” The grand Sirius experiment is over, 2 months early, Sirius is Ok, but nothing great. The programming is repetitive and superficial. If they truly dig deep, you have to dig deep through the programming pap to find it. The on air Sirius-pimping is tiresome. The Box […]

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