Stalk this

OK, the other week, I met this chick at a thing, and then went dancing. Already, the night was a bad idea, but it got worse. Somehow, at the end of the night, I had her phone number. Yay me – That’s not the “worse” part. (She was a hairdresser and there is a pathetic […]

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Granny porn

I know I am going to get a million misdirected hits for this, but so what? So Friday, I went to this mixer in Scottsdale. There is one about every week, and it’s a good opportunity to get out and mix it up. It is also a lot like being in a frat again. Beers, […]

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And then they stop

This is about things that fuck with your head.  I mean mine.  don’t read this either… Ok, for a while, I was getting my ass kicked by ghosts in the machine or three dimensional reminders of days past, and it was really starting to drag on me. No more. That experience, glorious as it was, […]

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About Damn Time

There is a difference between being told everything is OK and knowing it is. –Popcorn Cliches 101 Without putting too fine of a point on anything, I now know what has been told to me recently. Something just clicked today. Finally.  ‘Bout f***ing time, too. Trust me, this is a groovy thing. “OK,” like “1989 […]

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Party Every Day

Last night was the annual Pod and Woody Festivus celebration. Gourmet food, blown diets, the sin(ful dessert) room, Bacchanalian wine selection. And beer. For the first time in years, neither my schedule nor “other concerns” forced me to bail after a quick 30 minutes. Plus, there was this whole Dick R. Brettman’s theater girl date […]

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Say Yes to Michigan

Fat Drunk and stupid at Faber College (sort of). It’s time to visit 8 Barrel, Phid (and Jack Dova even) in Ann Arbor. Crash in the dorms so you can pretend to be a student (except for the cranial firepower and rich ass parents parts). Also not part of the experience? Going to class. (You […]

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