#SOAfx: A Mother’s Work. FUBAR Porn, cranked to 11

If this featured image were up to date, it would have the tip of the scythe painted red with the blood of the dead.

SPOILERS (and NSFW language) AHEAD

Tara SOA

Then the logo would match the streets and floors and sinks of fictional Charming, California. In last night’s season 6 finale of Sons of Anarchy.  We knew there would be blood. Read More

You’re a Bitch, Otto

Daring statement, I know.  How did i get there?

  • Otis, the bus driver is a bitch
  • This guy is a bus driver:
  • His name is Otto
  • As a bus driver, Otto is a bitch
  • This guy is named Otto
  • And in prison
  • Therefore, he is a bitch
  • QED

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