Girlfriend is Better

Stupid Drunken Things Not To Do Golf, somebody else’s girlfriend, your girlfriends. What could possibly go wrong? If your friendships survive these… (well, they won’t, so don’t worry about it.) 1.  Go to 8Barrel’s house to hang out. 8barrel will crash around midnight. Continue drinking with his GF/Fiancé Easy E. Do not, under any circumstances […]

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Wild Eyed Southern Boys

You should be shot if you try this one Find some Southern Host (generic equivalent of Sothern Comfort). Have friends like Podbillion and his friend Merloid invent SoHoCo (a snort of SoHo chased with Coca Cola). Hook up with Phid at 8 Barrel’s house after a day at the big lake or something like that. […]

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Southern Nights

7. Anything that involves Southern Comfort (or Southern Host) in any amount. Straight/mixed/ with a chaser – it doesn’t matter. The goal is to reach the point where for a year, the mention of the name will make you barf right then and there, and 15 years after the last time you tasted the stuff, you […]

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