Sparkle Buggy Wash Classics

Pretend it’s 1984. The DOT has just legalized flush headlights(on the Lincoln Continental Mark VII). You cannot wait for it to trickle down to mere Jaguars, so you spend $3,000 getting European style converted headlights. Then you take your saucy little tart for a little freshening. Where? Not the car spa for a happy finish. […]

Sparkle Buggy Wash Classics, Take 2

God, I loved these cars.  Everything that was so right, and so wrong about American cars and GM, all bottled up into one effete and ponderous whale for everyman. The Seville (v. 1.0 and 3.0) “notchback” roofline The half Cutlass Supreme/ half tailfin taillights Bumpers that announce that your penis is made of steel. The […]