Brenda Priddy Knows My Name

She even dropped by for a visit. Good thing she didn’t go searching… (All kidding aside, I have great respect for her work as a spy photographer and am really enjoying her artistic ventures on Facebook) Cox Communications ( [Label IP Address]    0 returning visits Chandler, Arizona, United States Apr 10 01:31:26 PM  Messenger Puppet | Las Vegas Photographer and Author Apr 10 01:31:59 PM (Exit Link) […]

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Brenda Priddy Better Watch Out

2012 Ford Explorer test mule The bright side of my long commute from Surprise was this Explorer mule out flood testing in Phoenix. [Ed: based on the side creases, it might be a Lincoln, rather than a Ford, based on what’s been shown on Autoblog.  However, their Lincoln story said a current Lincoln front end […]

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see a car. grab your camera turn it on use the shutter button to snap the picture, not the power button.  D-ooh! I saw something today, but it wasn’t a  2010 Mustang.  I don’t know what it was other than a sedan, because I was driving.  Also because I kept powering and unpowering my camera […]