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There and Back Again

The vexing thing about OCD levels of continuity between trilogies is the same vexing thing about writing about the OCD levels of continuity between trilogies.  We last left The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey with a couple of wizards a fairy prince Elven King and his domanatrix superior in the elf world sitting around the table getting stoned and making up celebrity…

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Darth Vader to Galaxy: Don’t F*** With Me, I Know Karate

I loved the Star Wars. I could ignore the conceit of the”Episode IV” header. It was a movie that didn’t need a sequel. The sequels didn’t enhance the story; they simply continued and rehashed it.The prequels were even less necessary. Darth Vader’s back story, if worth telling, could have been done in one movie. And, they could have taken us…

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