Big Top Pee Wee

continued from  here Clients:  We need VIP service, because that’s how we roll! Jack:  We need VIP service, because I need the kind affections of a non-harpy! Me:  Yay, Boobs! Later: Bourbon Street:  Welcome to VIP.  The drinks and dances cost more, but the usual bouncer:patrons ratio is reduced down to just these two angry […]

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Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Just another fall Sunday in Phoenix.  What to do?  Call clients nad head to the clubs! Bombshells seems like a good idea! Bombshells: Lawyers with money? Why would we want to sell you beers and lap dances? Us:  OK then!  We can certainly afford not giving you any money! Us:  Let’s go to the club […]

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Not me.

Chief federal judge too drunk to remember night at strip club DENVER – Court documents obtained by 9Wants to Know show Colorado’s top federal judge [Clarence Scalia] was too drunk to remember how he spent more than $3,000 at a strip club in two consecutive days. He also used an Internet dating service while he […]

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Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick

Felony spanking owns you. Strippers arrested after spanking trucker Associated Press Jul. 11, 2005 07:45 AM JACKSONVILLE,Ark. – Three strippers and two nightclub managers have been arrested for allegedly spanking a trucker at his 31st birthday bash and severely bruising his backside. After his friends paid $25, Keith Lowery was handcuffed and spanked with a […]

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