Dear Roger Goodell

A lie? No, creative Enron accounting Hi Roger. What the Fuck are you doing, exactly.  First, you announce the roof at Jerryworld will be closed because of what the weather might be like in two weeks. (THAT is bullshit and you know it, because I have told you before.) Now you are going to compound […]

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Karma to Cardinals: GFY

Karma:  You dicks shoulda opened the roof more.  Football is not a game for pussies. Karma:  P.S.:  Ben Rothlisberger is a cocksucker, but I hate you more Karma:  P.P.S.  The President correctly called this as a narrow Pittsburgh victory.

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Baby Come Back

Dear Roger Goodell: Please give us the super bowl again. Ariz. mulls Super Bowl 2012 bid We love black hawks and no fly zones. Military intercepts small plane in Super Bowl zone An innocent mistake caused the military to intercept a small plane flying in a restricted area on Sunday.  A military F-16 from Luke […]

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Brother, can you spare $18,500 (x 4)?

Super Bowl XLII [2/3/2008] Tickets at StubHub! Wait. flat screen reality vision Tivo replay stadium replay (intermittent) reserved covered parking nightmarish lot snafus beer and snacks at Fry’s prices refi your condo for a Coors Light souvenir cup virtual reality stereo surround sound actual reality stadium surround sound (with craptacular stadium acoustics) superbowl ads “fans, […]

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Wardrobe malfunction?  A big STFU to the FCC? I think they make “implements” with that little shocker underneath. EDIT:  They’re on to you and your little purple friend, dude.

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